Cisco CUCM – Digit summarization

I had to find a way to summarize multiple times multiple patterns for a customer who has a SME between multiple CUCM clusters without dynamic routing during a big migration of users.
Even if I could do it by myself I preferred to create a script who do the job !

This application allows to summarize multiple patterns in the way of Cisco Unified Communication Manager interpret them. It doesn’t support the usage of the wildcards @ ! ? and + (except \+ for e164) as these wildcards are not relevant or not finite.
If you have any improvement suggestions, please let me know it in the comments !


Results :

Patterns in partition NOPARTITION
5 possibilitie(s)

Patterns in partition P-Internal-DID
10 possibilitie(s)

From 6 to 2 summarized (15 possible extension matches with these patterns). Compression ratio is : 66.67% (higher is better)

Source data :

Insert one pattern per line. The partition can be specified with the pattern separated by a comma (ex : Pattern,Partition). If the partition is not defined the script will use the partition "NOPARTITION".

Deny multiple summarizaton groups (e.g. 1X[23]1 or 1[23][34]X)
Start negate brackets [] contents when or more digits are inside

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