Cisco CUCM – Digit summarization

I had to find a way to summarize multiple times multiple patterns for a customer who has a SME between multiple CUCM clusters without dynamic routing during a big migration of users.
Even if I could do it by myself I preferred to create a script who do the job !

This application allows to summarize multiple patterns in the way of Cisco Unified Communication Manager interpret them. It doesn’t support the usage of the wildcards @ ! ? and + (except \+ for e164) as these wildcards are not relevant or not finite.
If you have any improvement suggestions, please let me know it in the comments !


Results :

Patterns in partition NOPARTITION
5 possibilitie(s)

Patterns in partition P-Internal-DID
10 possibilitie(s)

From 6 to 2 summarized (15 possible extension matches with these patterns). Compression ratio is : 66.67% (higher is better)

Source data :

Insert one pattern per line. The partition can be specified with the pattern separated by a comma (ex : Pattern,Partition). If the partition is not defined the script will use the partition "NOPARTITION".

Deny multiple summarizaton groups (e.g. 1X[23]1 or 1[23][34]X)
Start negate brackets [] contents when or more digits are inside


  1. Camron

    I’ve been attempting to do this myself for a long while now and keep getting stuck.. or at the very least there has to be an easier way of accomplishing this. Would you be willing to share you source code? Or at the very least, share some pseudo code or the outline of your thought process??


    1. stephane (Post author)

      Hello Camron,
      Yes, I can share with you the algorithm.
      I will send you directly an email


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