Monthly Archive: June 2016

Cisco UCCX with SRST, Hunt-groups and SIP phones, yes it’s possible !

For this first post on the Cisco UC I want to share you the configuration that made me sweat ! I have a customer that has a centralized UC infrastructure with only two CUCM, one UCCX and remote sites with 2901 gateway (IOS 15.4) and some 7821 IP phones. The PSTN is linked to the gateway with an E1 on the local sites and the gateway uses SIP Trunks to the CUCM. There is only one DID on the PSTN acces on each site for the call to the UCCX.

So my challange was to configure the SRST for SIP Phones and find a way to redirect all incoming calls to all the phones (hunt with broadcast) if the WAN link is down and phones registers to SRST. Easy no ? No. (more…)